Sand and Cement Screeds

What is Sand and Cement Screeding

Traditional sand and cement screed is still an old favourite and with good reason. It plays a key part in our business and is what we like to call the ‘Grandad’ of screeds -  whilst it may not be as modern as flow screed, it still holds many great advantages.

  • A mixed combination of sand, cement and fibres, this traditional type of screed is perfect for sloped finishes, wet rooms or balconies. 
  • Due to the technological development of additives such as Retanol Xtreme® and Isocrete K-Screed, traditional sand and cement screeds now offer enhanced strength and faster drying times. Additives such as these can allow for tiling after just 48 hours, which is perfect for those working to a tight deadline!

The Advantages of Sand and Cement Screeding

  • Cost effective across small areas
  • Quick-drying alternatives are available 
  • Drying times range from 7 days
  • Can be laid to falls 
  • Perfect for wet rooms, garages and balconies

Why Co-Dunkall? 

Co-Dunkall have always offered sand and cement screed as a service, so as with flow screed we have 13 years’ experience in this.

Each of our traditional screed installers are fully trained and required to provide evidence of their workmanship prior to employment.

We have a large number of installers available and can lay up to 300m2 of sand and cement screed a day. All screeds including our traditional sand and cement screeds are machine pumped, making us far more efficient. We also do a detailed survey prior to installation to ensure the correct amount of material is on-site with little wastage.

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