Screed Aftercare

Different screeds can require different aftercare procedures. Prior to the installation of your floor finishes it is always important to follow the correct guidelines!

 At Co-Dunkall we offer the below services to ensure you are ready for your floor finishes.

Floor Sanding

7 days after your screed is laid we can return to sand your floor. During this process we will remove any surface laitance that can prevent adhesion between the screed and floor coverings. This is a very important step and one people sometimes forget to do, resulting in their coverings lifting!


Some floor coverings such as LVT require a thin latex to be installed prior to their installation, or sometimes you may just want to tidy up an old existing floor. Our in-house experts can ensure the smoothest sub-base around!

Saw Cuts

If saw cuts are required for any part of your job, we can send a member of our team to carry out the works. Saw cuts allow movement in the screed or concrete as it cures, releasing stress points which can cause cracking. This can vary from job to job, so check with our team to see if you require one for your project.

Moisture Reading

Think you’re ready for tiling? Wait! Have you done a moisture test? Moisture tests are vital in ensuring that your screed has dried sufficiently before floor coverings. Failure to do one could trap moisture in the slab or result in your finished floor lifting. If you would like us to take a moisture reading of your floor, give us a call!

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