Preparation and Insulation

At Co-Dunkall we recognise the importance of good floor preparation prior to the installation of your screed. Insulation is arguably the most vital contribution to the comfort and thermal efficiency of your home. As building standards increase, so does the required product performance of insulation.

Our experienced team can install your insulation professionally, ensuring your job is completed to the highest quality standard. We can also install all of the membranes, tapes and expansion strip which play an essential part in your final floor.

Due to our buying power in the industry, Co-Dunkall can offer you competitive prices on all forms of insulation, preparation materials and works. However if you’re up for the challenge and would like to lay it yourself, we are happy to supply the materials only.

Products we supply are:

  • PIR Celotex
  • Ecotherm
  • Xtratherm
  • Recticel
  • Kingspan K103
  • Kingspan K107
  • Isorubber
  • Yelofon
  • DPMs
  • Slip membranes
  • Perimeter expansion strip
  • Foil and duct tapes

….And much more!

Ask our team for more information on our products.

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