Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating (UFH) has excelled in popularity in recent years. It’s cost efficiency and easy control systems make it suited to domestic or commercial use, whether it’s for a kitchen, lounge, office or school.

How does Underfloor Heating work?

Warm water is distributed through a circuit of pipes that are encased in screed under a finished floor. The heat rises through the surface of the floor and into room, working like a huge radiator. The temperature of the room can be easily adjusted and controlled by wired or wireless thermostats. The even distribution of heat from the ground upwards allows the room to warm up quicker and hold it’s temperature for longer, unlike radiators which burn through a lot more energy to heat a room to the same extent.

We are able to lay all the following UFH systems upstairs and downstairs:

  • Clip Rail and pipe clips
  • Retro floor panel
  • Heat emission plates
  • Floating floor panel
  • Castellated panels


Radiant heat from the floor provides a more pleasant indoor environment

More Space

Don’t compromise on room layout with floor space lost to radiators


 No hard to clean dust collectors such as radiators required.

Zone control

Control each individual room via thermostats by the flick of a switch.


Saves on heating bills and wasted energy



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