Underfloor Heating Installers in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridegshire

What Is Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor-Heating (UFH) systems work by the flow of warm water being distributed through a circuit of pipes that are encased in screed under a finished floor. The heat rises through the surface of the floor and into room, working like a huge radiator.

The temperature of the room can be easily adjusted and controlled by wired or wireless thermostats. The even distribution of heat from the ground upwards allows the room to warm up quicker and hold it’s temperature for longer, unlike radiators which burn through a lot more energy to heat a room to the same extent.

What are the Advantages Of Underfloor Heating?

There are many advantages to UFH, for example:

  • Added comfort. Radiant heat from the floor provides a more pleasant indoor environment
  • More Space. As the heating is on the floor no wall or floor space is lost to radiators.
  • It’s hygienic.  No hard to clean dust collectors such as radiators required.
  • Zone Control. Control each individual room via thermostats by the flick of a switch.
  • Economic. Saves on heating bills and wasted energy.

Why Co-Dunkall

Having a large number of installers mean we are able to lay large areas in one go. We can lay complicated systems such as onto egg crate systems, offer wet and electric UFH and also provide a bespoke route plan catered to your requirements.

Also, the supply and install of UFH is something we have offered since our establishment, which our staff receive training for from both our suppliers and our in-house training programme.

Underfloor Heating Gallery

Now Recruiting

We are looking for an enthusiastic individual to join our team of floor screed installers. Experience in this field is preferred however not essential as full training will be provided.

Please send your C.V and cover letter to info@co-dunkall.co.uk, or contact us on 01953 488224 for more information