TLA Insulated Screed

What is TLA - Insulated Screed? 

TLA (thermal lightweight aggregate) is a free-flowing, insulated screed combining coated EPS beads with cement and water. Its free-flowing and self-levelling properties mean a faster and more efficient install which is suitable for many different applications. At Co-Dunkall Ltd we are proud to be approved installers of this innovative product, and believe it to be truly re-defining in the world of construction.


The benefits of TLA - Insulated Screed


TLA can be adapted for a variety of solutions to meet requirements on thickness, weight and thermal performance to name a few.


One team can install 1000m2 + per day allowing for increased productivity on site.

Zero Waste

When batched to the exact requirements for a specific project, TLA is a zero-waste product. No offcuts are produced or skips are required meaning a reduction in your waste management costs. 

Better for the environment 

Because the composition of TLA is 85% EPS bead, the overall cement content is 60% less than standard screed therefore producing less CO2.

A2 Fire Classification

TLA has an A2 Fire classification meaning it has limited combustibility.

High Strength

TLA has a strength of 750KPa, meaning a thinner finishing screed is required.


Installed density as low as 130kg/m3 and in some cases can provide a solution up to 10 times lighter than traditional solutions

Rapid Drying Times

It dries at a rate of 1cm per day which is up to 10 times faster than alternative methods. With rapid drying times, follow on trades can work more quickly resulting in an improved build programme.

Reduced Thermal Bridging

Reduced risk of thermal bridging due to it’s enhanced Psi values. Insulates all areas with no voids.   

Laying to Falls 

Although liquid in state, TLA can be laid at varying depths and angles due to its consistency at point of install.



TLA is a high-performance insulated screed. It can be laid directly on to compacted hardcore and provides enhanced U-Value and Psi-values compared with traditional floor build-ups of the same thickness. With a faster install, drying time of 48 hours and reduced risk of thermal bridging, TLA is a flooring solution with maximum efficiency.

Timber Frame

TLA is a continuous flowing screed combining insulation and screed which provides a level base without camber. By replacing traditional floor

systems with TLA, it is possible to save significant weight whilst still meeting the loading requirements of the floor. TLA has lightweight, thermal and acoustic benefits which can lead to savings on structural design.


The unique combination of strength and insulation forming this product reduces the layers required in roof design, and therefore materials needed. This not only saves you on the cost of materials but also waste management, time and labour costs.  Although this product is liquid in state, it can also be installed at varying depths and angles therefore allowing for falls.

Underfloor Heating 

Due to its void filling, free-flowing form, this creates a single continuous thermal layer, meaning no gaps down the sides for heat loss like with insulation. The robust platform provided by this product leads to more responsive heat up times resulting in lower energy bills for the end-user. This is aided by the EPS beads.


Why Co-Dunkall

As our newest venture we have been offering TLA for a year.

All our staff are fully trained by Energy store to install this product.  

This is a specialist product which requires a licence to install. Through our transmix machine we are able to lay large volumes in one go. (approx. 20m3 per lorry, 50m3 per day)

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