What A Way To End The Week – 1227m2 Of Concrete & Insulation Laid In Ipswich

1227m2 Concrete and Insulation - Ipswich Suffolk

What a way to end 2023!


  1. Insulation Installation:
    • Type: 140mm Celotex or Equivalent
    • Area Covered: 1,227 m²
    • Method: Carefully supplied and laid by our skilled team, ensuring uniform coverage and optimal thermal insulation.
  2. Polythene and Slip Membrane:
    • Scope: Supply and lay all polythene, including a slip membrane.
    • Purpose: Ensuring a protective barrier and enhancing the longevity of the insulation.
  3. Foil and Duct Tape Application:
    • Supply: High-quality foil and duct tape applied to further enhance insulation properties.
    • Method: Meticulously applied to guarantee airtightness and thermal efficiency.
  4. Perimeter Expansion Strip and Upstands:
    • Installation: Perimeter expansion strips and 25mm perimeter upstands supplied and laid for structural integrity.
    • Role: These elements are crucial for accommodating the natural expansion and contraction of materials and creating a seamless transition between surfaces.


  1. Flowing Concrete Application:
    • Area Covered: 1,227 m²
    • Average Thickness: 85mm
    • Method: Utilizing state-of-the-art pumps, we’ve successfully supplied and laid flowing concrete, meeting the specified thickness and ensuring a smooth, level surface.
  2. Subject to Survey:
    • Note: The concrete application was conducted subject to a thorough survey to guarantee compliance with project specifications and requirements

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1227m2 Concrete and Insulation – Ipswich Suffolk

1227m2 Concrete and Insulation – Ipswich Suffolk

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