Project Secured – 1640m2 Of Cemfloor Screed, Underfloor Heating & TLA Pumped Insulation – Hales Norfolk

Project Secured - 1640m2 Of Cemfloor, Underfloor Heating & TLA Pumped Insulation - Hales Norfolk

In the picturesque village of Hales, Norfolk, we’re excited to share a significant development in our construction project – the acquisition of 1640m² of top-of-the-line materials and systems, including flow screed, or “flowscreed,” designed specifically for underfloor heating. This project also features the installation of underfloor heating screed and TLA pumped insulation. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the importance and advantages of these components, all of which are set to transform this property into a comfortable, energy-efficient haven.

The Hales Project

Nestled in the heart of Norfolk, Hales boasts a rich history and a close-knit community. As the demand for improving homes in this idyllic location continues to grow, our project in Hales aims to be a shining example of modern construction practices that prioritize comfort, efficiency, and sustainability.

Flow Screed: The Foundation of Excellence

Flow screed, also known as “flowscreed,” represents a revolutionary cement-based liquid floor screed that offers numerous advantages over traditional screeds. It boasts exceptional thermal conductivity, making it an ideal match for underfloor heating systems. Its rapid drying time accelerates construction progress, reducing downtime and associated costs. Furthermore, flow screed plays a pivotal role in enhancing energy efficiency by ensuring even heat distribution, a crucial factor for underfloor heating systems.

Underfloor Heating Screed: A Warm Embrace

Underfloor heating, once considered a luxury, has evolved into a practical and efficient heating solution. This technology not only warms your home but does so evenly, eliminating cold spots and ensuring a cosy atmosphere throughout your living space. When combined with flow screed, our Hales project promises a warm and inviting environment for its future residents while significantly reducing energy consumption and costs.

Screed for Underfloor Heating: The Perfect Match

Our choice of screed for underfloor heating was driven by a commitment to providing the best possible comfort and efficiency. Flow screed’s compatibility with underfloor heating systems is unparalleled. Its ability to encapsulate heating pipes or cables evenly ensures efficient heat transfer and distribution. This synergy between flow screed and underfloor heating promotes uniform warmth throughout the living space, eliminating the discomfort of cold spots.

TLA Pumped Insulation: Embracing Efficiency

In addition to flow screed and underfloor heating, we are also incorporating TLA pumped insulation into our project. This innovative insulation material offers exceptional thermal performance and can be seamlessly injected into walls, floors, and roofs, creating a continuous insulation barrier. Its non-intrusive application minimizes disruption during installation, making it an ideal choice for retrofit projects like ours in Hales. With TLA pumped insulation, we further enhance the property’s energy efficiency and overall comfort.

The Sustainability Angle

One of the driving forces behind our choice of materials and systems for the Hales project is sustainability. Flow screed’s efficiency and rapid drying time minimize resource wastage during construction. Underfloor heating operates at lower temperatures compared to conventional heating systems, resulting in reduced energy consumption. TLA pumped insulation helps maintain a stable indoor temperature, reducing the need for continuous heating or cooling. Collectively, these components not only make the property comfortable but also contribute to a smaller environmental footprint.


Securing 1640m² of flow screed, underfloor heating screed, and TLA pumped insulation for our project in Hales, Norfolk, marks a significant milestone in our journey towards creating comfortable, sustainable, and energy-efficient living spaces. We firmly believe that by incorporating these cutting-edge technologies, we are not only enhancing the quality of life for the property’s future residents but also setting an example for environmentally conscious construction practices in the region.

As the project unfolds, we will keep you updated on the transformation taking place in Hales, Norfolk. Stay tuned for more insights into our commitment to excellence in construction and sustainability.

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