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CPD On Cemfloor & TLA

Latest CPD Morning – CPD On Cemfloor & TLA

Redhead Architects recently played host to a remarkable Continuing Professional Development (CPD) session, partnering with Co-Dunkall, Energystore, and Cemfloor – key players in the construction industry. This event, centered around floor screeding excellence, offered architects insights into the latest innovations in floor preparation, underfloor heating, and advanced screeding techniques, all presented by East Anglia’s largest floor screeding company, Co-Dunkall – CPD On Cemfloor & TLA

Co-Dunkall: Setting the Standard in Floor Screeding

Co-Dunkall, recognized as East Anglia’s largest floor screeding company, took the lead in showcasing the latest trends and techniques in floor screeding. The CPD session covered a spectrum of services provided by Co-Dunkall, including meticulous floor preparation, efficient underfloor heating installations, and cutting-edge screeding solutions. Architects at Redhead gained valuable insights into how Co-Dunkall’s expertise can contribute to achieving both the aesthetic and functional aspects of their construction projects.

Energystore: Elevating Energy Efficiency in Flooring

Energystore, known for its commitment to energy-efficient building solutions, complemented the CPD by highlighting innovations in underfloor heating and insulation. The presentation emphasized how architects can integrate these energy-efficient solutions seamlessly into Co-Dunkall’s floor screeding processes, achieving a harmonious blend of comfort and sustainability in building design.

Cemfloor: Advanced Screeding for Modern Construction

Cemfloor, specializing in advanced cementitious floor screeds, provided a deeper understanding of their revolutionary approach to floor construction. Architects explored the benefits of Cemfloor’s solutions, including rapid installation, enhanced durability, and the adaptability to various project requirements. The collaboration with Co-Dunkall showcased how architects can leverage these advanced screeding technologies for optimal results in their flooring projects.

Networking and Collaboration Opportunities:

Beyond the insightful presentations, the CPD session facilitated a platform for architects to engage directly with Co-Dunkall, Energystore, and Cemfloor. This interactive exchange allowed architects to discuss specific project requirements, seek advice on implementation, and explore collaborative opportunities that leverage the expertise of these industry leaders.


The Co-Dunkall, Energystore, and Cemfloor CPD at Redhead Architects Offices proved to be a pivotal event for architects seeking to stay at the forefront of floor screeding innovations. The collaboration showcased how the expertise of East Anglia’s largest floor screeding company, Co-Dunkall, seamlessly integrates with energy-efficient solutions and advanced screeding technologies. As architects continue to push the boundaries of modern construction, events like these play a crucial role in shaping the future of floor screeding practices in East Anglia and beyond.


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