Transmix Screed

Transmix Screed

What Is Transmix Screed

Unlike screed batched at a ready-mix plant and delivered to site by mixer lorry, Transmix screed is precisely weighed, mixed and supplied on site via a mobile liquid screed logistics system.

Already successful throughout Europe, this innovative machine is something we are incredibly proud to offer to the UK market. Precisely weighing and batching the screed on-site allows for more accurate measurements, significantly reducing waste and ensuring you only pay for what you’ve had.

The Advantages Of Transmix Screed

  • Improved availability
  • Improved reliability
  • Competitive pricing
  • Reduction in waste
  • Quality control for screed products
  • Ability to supply quick-drying screeds where others can’t

Why Co-Dunkall?

Having the ability to produce and supply our own product provides us with total management and quality control over the screed we are installing on your site, also boasting a major advantage over our competitors. Plus did we mention – It’s quick-drying!

Transmix Screed Gallery

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