75m2 Of Insulation & Retanol Sand and Cement Screed Installed In Clacton, Essex

Insulation and Retanol Sand and Cement Screed Installed In Clacton Essex

Insulation and Retanol Sand and Cement Screed Installed In Clacton Essex: Well, this was certainly an interesting job! We were asked to install insulation and a rapid drying screed into the Clacton Ambulance Station, where they are turning the existing garage into a training classroom. This was interesting because the existing floor was to a fall, but they wanted the floor to be a level flat surface, so the job required different thicknesses of insulation board to level the floor, ready to take a Retanol sand and cement screed

One of the intriguing aspects of this job was the need to transform the existing floor, which had a fall, into a level flat surface. Achieving this transformation required careful planning and the use of various materials. The first step involved installing different thicknesses of insulation boards to level the floor. This was a crucial aspect, as it not only provided the required insulation but also set the foundation for creating a flat surface.

The insulation boards played a dual role in enhancing the energy efficiency of the space while addressing the specific leveling needs of the floor. These boards served as a barrier to heat loss, ensuring that the training classroom would be well-insulated and energy-efficient. Simultaneously, they provided the necessary foundation for the subsequent steps in the process.

Following the installation of the insulation boards, the next phase involved applying a Retanol sand and cement screed. The choice of Retanol, a type of additive, indicates a commitment to achieving a rapid drying process. This is particularly crucial in a busy and operational space like an ambulance station, where downtime is minimized, and quick project turnaround is essential.

The application of the Retanol sand and cement screed not only addressed the leveling requirements but also offered a durable and robust flooring solution. The rapid drying aspect of the screed ensured that the transformed classroom space could be ready for use in a relatively short period.

In essence, the project at the Clacton Ambulance Station showcased the integration of different materials and techniques to overcome specific challenges. The transformation from a garage with a sloped floor to a level and insulated training classroom not only met the functional needs of the space but also contributed to its overall efficiency and sustainability. The successful completion of such a complex and interesting job reflects the expertise and adaptability of the professionals involved in the project.


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Insulation and Retanol Sand and Cement Screed Installed In Clacton Essex

Insulation and Retanol Sand and Cement Screed Installed In Clacton Essex

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Insulation and Retanol Sand and Cement Screed Installed In Clacton Essex

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