115m2 Of Cemfloor Installed In Holt, Norfolk

One of this weeks installs saw us in the lovely town of Holt, Norfolk installing 115m2 of insulation and Cemfloor screed in one day!

By choosing us for insulation and screeding services, the customer avoided the hassle of coordinating multiple contractors and benefited from cost-effective solutions.

With the customer opting for Cemfloor, floor finishes can be applied once the screed has dried to a final moisture content of 2.5%CM. This significantly speeds up the entire build process compared with anhydrite screed which require a final moisture content of 0.5%.

Cemfloor boasts exceptional thermal conductivity of up to 2.9W/mk and is very suitable and responsive to underfloor heating due to the fact it can be laid in very thin sections. This ensures lower energy bills and running costs.

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