110m2 Of Cemfloor FlowScreed Laid in Dereham, Norfolk

flflowscreed cemfloor Norwich norfolk

**Title: Pouring 110m² of Cemfloor Screed in Dereham: Our Adventure from a Morrisons Car Park**

Hey there, fellow construction enthusiasts! We’ve got a story to share that’ll make you appreciate the ingenuity and grit that goes into our line of work. Picture this: 110m² of Cemfloor screed, ready to be poured, but here’s the twist – we had to do it from a Morrisons car park in Dereham. Let’s dive into the adventure!

**The Challenge: Screeding from the Unlikeliest Spot**

When the project landed on our laps, we knew we were in for a wild ride. Pouring liquid floor screed isn’t exactly a walk in the park, but doing it from a supermarket car park? Now, that’s a whole new ball game. Traffic, space constraints, you name it – we had to factor it all in.

**The Solution: Plan, Plan, and Plan Some More**

To tackle this challenge head-on, we put our thinking caps on. Coordination with the Morrisons crew, scheduling the pour during the quietest hours, and ensuring our materials made it to the site unscathed – it was like orchestrating a well-oiled machine.

**Choosing Cemfloor Screed: Our Secret Weapon**

Now, you might wonder why we opted for Cemfloor screed instead of the traditional stuff. Well, let us tell you. Cemfloor is like the James Bond of screeds – smooth, sophisticated, and gets the job done with finesse. Unlike traditional screeds, Cemfloor offers unparalleled flexibility, self-leveling properties, and rapid drying time. Plus, its high-strength formula means it can withstand whatever you throw its way – even a pour from a supermarket car park!

**Getting Down and Dirty: The Pour Day**

D-day arrived, and boy, were we ready. Despite the unconventional setting, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. With teamwork that could rival a Formula 1 pit crew, we poured that screed like it was nobody’s business. Smooth as butter, if we do say so ourselves.

**The Result: Mission Accomplished**

Fast forward, and we’ve got ourselves a job well done. 110m² of Cemfloor screed, poured and polished to perfection. The client? Ecstatic. Us? Proud as punch.

**In Conclusion: When Life Gives You Car Parks, Make Screed**

So, what did we learn from this escapade? That in construction, anything is possible with a bit of creativity and a whole lot of determination. Challenges will come and go, but with the right attitude and a trusty bag of screed, there’s nothing we can’t handle.

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Got a construction conundrum of your own? Don’t sweat it. Reach out to us, and let’s turn those challenges into victories together. After all, every car park is a potential screeding site waiting to be conquered!

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