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Flow screeding

Flowing / Liquid Screed

Flowing or Liquid screed is a new generation screeding product. It is a pump applied free flowing, self compacting, synthetic anhydrite Screed made with a by product of Gypsum.

Using a Pumped Floor Screed means a far less labour intensive operation and may generally be laid substantially thinner than conventional materials due to the lack of voids and its high flexural strength.

Due to the reduced thickness, and efficient delivery method, one gang of four men can place easily 1000m2 or more accurately in a day. This is five to ten times more than with conventional materials.

The screed is virtually self-compacting and flows easily into place, filling all voids and irregularities. It is precisely laser levelled to an accuracy of equal to or better than surface regularity SR2. Compared with traditional screeds, shrinkage is minimal and is unlikely to occur.

Our trained operators can pump over 1000 Square metres onto your site in just a few hours. Not only that, in correct conditions the floor can be lightly trafficked within 48 hours.

This unique flow screed provides a quality solution that will save you time and free up your labour to get on with other tasks