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Power Floated Concrete

To create a really flat, tough and dense floor, suitable for heavy use, Power Floated concrete is unbeatable. Robust enough for continuous fork-lift traffic, the resulting smooth finish minimises dust, creating an optimum surface for warehouses and workshops. However, the resulting high-quality finish and excellent surface continuity is ideal for use in busy commercial or public spaces, making it it a smart and cost-effective approach for many projects.

Carried out by trained operators, Power Floating smooths the laid and levelled concrete floor with rotating mechanical blades, creating an exceptionally hard and dense floor. Experienced operation is key to creating the best possible result. 

A two stage process; the operator firstly passes the float over the surface with the blades at a very shallow angle, creating suction between the blades or pan of the float and the concrete, passing smoothly over any form-work to ensure level joints.

Once the surface has dried, the float blades are angled and passed over the floor several times to produce a hard smooth finish. The angle of the blades is increased after each pass - the more acute the angle, the harder the final floor finish.

The resulting surface can be further treated in a number of ways including polishing and resin coating, but even untreated, its durable surface has a fine, smooth look and the dust usually associated with untreated concrete floors is virtually eliminated.

If required, a power floated floor can be reinforced with plastic or steel fibres, further increasing the situations to which it can be applied.