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Smooth Operators

Smooth Operators

Posted 20/07/2016

Did you know that Co-Dunkall are rather good at Polished Concrete floors?

The construction and design world has been enthusiastic about polished concrete as a floor finish for some time now. The degree of grinding can be varied to create a wide range of looks from grainy and rugged, to a really high gloss. It can be stained or dyed, even engraved. The possibilities are endless!

Hygienic and easy to maintain, it’s an ideal surface for retail and commercial use, and when combined with underfloor heating is a natural choice for science and technology facilities or community and care situations. But it’s also a great choice for kitchens and wet rooms at home. No joins or ridges to trap dirt. No need to wax. It will keep its shine for years with just occasional re-buffing. So, before you order those floor tiles why not talk to us about Polished Concrete?