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Co-Dunkall can offer three installation options.

  • 1. Co-Dunkall can Design, Supply & Lay the Underfloor heating in your property. This is perfect for self builders who want a stress free floor. We can provide all line drawings, manifolds, pump packs, wiring centres and stats. All we need to quote you for this option is a set of plans, number of thermostats required and the heatsource.

  1. 2. Co-Dunkall can also provide a Lay Only service. If you want to source your underfloor heating yourself we are more than happy to lay the system for you. Please provide us with the floor area and the type of pipe used when making an enquiry.

  • 3. Last but not least, Co-Dunkall can offer a Supply Only service. If you are a keen self builder and ready for a challenge then please feel free to enquire about a supply only option.

*Options 1 & 2 include a pressure test of the system*