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    Co-Dunkall offer a high performance self-compacting, self-levelling concrete with exceptional fluidity. It delivers an excellent finish to expanses of concrete with minimum effort.

    Flowing concrete adavantages are it combines a high degree of strength with special flow and self-compacting characteristics.

That makes it ideal for all types of flooring work. The result is an exceptionally free-flowing and workable concrete with minimal segregation. 

Flowing concrete produces an excellent surface as it sets.

Co-Dunkall recently used the product in a new studio / warehouse for Jamie Oliver

Far right: Dave Pinder and Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver on site

The advantages flowing concrete include:
Typical Applications include: 
No need for vibration and the noise that goes with it.
Domestic floors and basements
It saves times and reduces man/hour requirement.
Domestic floors and basements
Can go as low as 75 mm in depth
Commercial floor slabs
It is easy to place.
Industrial floor slabs
Produces a quality surface finish as it sets, without the need for power floating.   

Ready to prepare Jamie Oliver's studio

Why use underfloor heating?

Pumping concrete into Jamie Oliver's studio

Why use underfloor heating?

Jamie Oliver's finished concrete floor

Why use underfloor heating?