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Every square metre of your home can be fully utilised. Radiant floor heating allows you to design your home to suit you rather than your heating engineer.

Healthy indoor environment. There will be less dust and the hygienic environment will be improved, helping to reduce house dust mites.

Radiant floor heating permits freedom for interior design. You can furnish as you like, no radiators to determine how the furniture should be placed.

Labour saving:
Cleaning of the floors is easier and wet floors dry very quickly.

Radiant heat will provide the highest comfort levels. Uponor Radiant Underfloor Heating is considered by some to be a luxury, the actual cost however, is very competitive.

Compared to radiator systems, there is no noise.

Cost effective:
Saves energy and running costs. Energy saving from 15-40% can be achieved with radiant underfloor heating.

Ease of control:
Small temperature difference between the floors means the system is practically self regulating.

Low-temperature system:
It is possible to use different heat sources – the water in the pipes can be heated by using oil burners, gas burners, solar energy, electricity, air source, etc.