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Air-Source and Ground-Source Heat Pumps

Air- and ground-source heat pumps offer future-proof heating for many kinds of building, redevelopment and refurbishment projects. Renewable and sustainable, the ongoing costs of heating are unaffected by market fluctuations in oils and gas prices, and currently benefit from government incentives.

The Perfect Partner for Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is designed for lower flow temperature than a standard radiator system, making it a highly effective partner for air- or ground-source heat pumps.

Air- or Ground-Source?

Generally speaking, an air source heat system is ideal for smaller buildings up to 500m2* of occupied space. It requires only enough room outdoors to site a fan unit adjacent to the building along with space for air to circulate around it. 

Ground source requires a collector loop to be installed in the garden or outside space. The loop requires approximately 2.5 times the area of the building. e.g a 200m2 building will require 500m2 of outside space.

Air Source Ground Source
Minimal disruption to install Requires an area of adjacent ground to be dug up to lay the loop
Lower initial outlay Higher intitial outlay
15-20 years lifetime 30+ years lifetime
Chance of slight seasonal variance in output efficiency No seasonal variation in efficiency in current UK climate

*where ground source heating is not practicable, it is possible to install an air source pump specifically designed for larger spaces. It is also possible to install multiple pumps, subject to situation.

How a Ground Source Heat Pump works

The collector loop is laid under the ground in a similar way to underfloor heating pipes. A mixture of anti-freeze and water is pumped through the loop, picking up the temeprature of the ground around it, and returning to the heating pump at about 6°C

Back at the heat pump the liquid is passed against heat excahngers. On the other side of the heat exchangers is a refrigerant which boils at -24°C - 6°C will make it boil vigorously.

The now gaseous refrigerant is now compressed, forcng it to release energy, which in turn is passed into a thermal store of water, causing the water to get hotter. The cycle continues until the water in the thermal store freaches the temeprature required to heat the UF system or radiators.

Lämpöässä Ground-Source Heat Pumps

Our range of ground source heat pumps are made by Lämpöässä, the leading manufacturer of heat pumps in Finland. There are models to suit all situations from the compact and near silent Vsi series to the super-efficient Esi and Emi systems. All come with web access connectivity so the heating and hot water can be controlled remotely.

We can also install a Lampoassa Thermal Store, which in addition to storing heat generated by the under-ground loop, provides efficiently generated hot water, on-demand. A Lämpöässä tank will provide 45 litres of hot water per minute, but can be upgraded to provide 60-80 litres in specific circumstances.

A properly installed Lämpöässä Ground Source Heat pump can generate 4Kw of 1Kw of electricity.

How an Air-Source heat pump works

An air source heat pump requires minimal space outside and adjacent to your building.

Air is inducted and passed over a series of fine coils containing a liquid refrigerant which absorbs heat from the air. The refrigerant boils at -24°C so even in the coldest UK weather it is still warm enough to cause boiling.

The now gaseous refrigerant is compressed, forcing to heat up to 100°C. Via a heat exchanger, the resulting hot gas is used to heat water contained in a thermal store.

This cycle continues until the water in the thermal store reaches the temperature needed to heat the UF system, at which point the fan unit will switch off until the temperature of the thermal store falls and needs recharging.

An air source heat pump will generate an average of 3.5Kw per 1Kw electricity, although this may vary a little in seasonal extremes.

Dimplex Air Source Heat Pumps

Built specifically for the UK climate the Dimplex A Class air source heat pump has been designed to provide optimum performance all year round. Copeland compressors and touch screen controls combine in a dependable system capable of delivering full heat output at temperatures as low as -7°. Available in a range of options, the A Class is the go-to solution for a fast, hassle-free installation,

For larger buildings, where ground-source heat is not an option, the efficient and low-noise Dimplex LA TU features two compressors to provide higher capacity, and intelligent load switching to maximise compressor lifetime.

Your air-source heat solution can be complemented by a Dimplex EC-EU Smart Cylinder, providing efficiently heated hot water with capacities from 125 to 246 litres.

Renewable Heat Incentive

The RHI is a government intitative designed to reward the use of more environmentally friendly forms of heating with a quarterly payment for up to 20 years from registration. The tariffs vary depending on the type of heating and whether the building is domestic or commercial, however, combined with reduced heating bills, the cost of a heat pump installation will be covered in around four to six years.

The domestic RHI Tariff is also index-linked and tax-free.

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